Three Imams, Two Muslims Expelled from France

France, The Ministry of French Interior said on Monday that French government has expelled two Muslims with three other more will be deported soon.

The three of them are pious Muslim scholars who are also the imams at three Masjids around France, and two other are slandered to be ‘extremists.’

An imam of Algerian origin, a preacher of Malian descent, and an imam of Saudi origin were said to have been expelled from France on Monday (02/03).

Two other Muslims, Turkish and Tunisian descents, are planned to be deported to their country origin soon.

“We do not accept Islamic extremism. This is not a new policy,” said the minister of French interior Claude Gueant as quoted by Reuters.

With his statement saying that the rampant arrest of Muslims is ‘not a new policy,’ this indicates that arresting and deporting Muslims from France is considered legal remembering the facts that Muslims continue to suffer from discrimination in France.

Few weeks ago ahead of an Islamic conference in France, French president Nicolas Sarkozy instructed to ban some prominent Muslim scholars from attending the event.

Later after that, about 19 Muslims were arrested with 17 of them were taken into investigation and two other more were released. Nothing can legitimate their arrest, but the French government once again slandered them to be ‘extremists.’

Few years ago, the French government also issued a policy of banning the full-face coverings called Niqab or Burqa, after few years before they ban the Muslim women from wearing Hijab in public spaces.

May Allah saves our Muslim brothers in France from the cruelty and discrimination committed by Sarkozy and his allies. Amen.

“And remember the time when the Kuffar people plotted and planned all efforts against you, to arrest you, to imprison you, to kill you, and to isolate you. They plotted and planned, but Allah makes them fail. And Allah is the best plot and plan Maker,” (Al-Anfal: 30). (Reuters/MelodramaticMind).