Know More Islam through Canada’s Muslim Sisters Club

Canada, Departing from a meeting of Muslim students at Thomson Rivers University, about 35 Muslim women in Canada have just recently staged an event to eradicate the misconception about Islam.

It is called Canada’s Muslim Sisters Club, which was first initiated by Hayfaa Golabkhan.

“It’s not only to show our own culture, it’s to share my ways of helping people,” she said to Kamloops Daily News on Monday, April 2nd.

The Monday event was the first event for Canada’s Muslim Sisters Club, featuring a lunch-break presentation about Islam and women.

Not only was the event attended by Muslim women, but also some other women who were not Muslims.

As they admitted, they volunteered to wear Hijab as saying that they wanted to know how it feels to be valued not only for the physical appearance, but also their minds and personalities.

“It keeps women safe, taking away the element of sexuality, and so they are respected for their minds and personalities,” the club said.

With the Muslim population of 1,9 percent of the entire population in Canada, such an event appears to be staged more often amidst the fact that Islamophobia continues to emerge recently.

Many advantages were gained by the attendants with one of them, Lamyaa Alshenrifi said that she found a peace of mind after encountering with her Muslim friends from the entire Canada.

Alshenrifi also admitted that once she faced a misconception about Islam when her English teacher was about to shake her hands but she refused to do so.

At that time, Alshenrifi did not have adequate time to explain why she did that, and therefore left a misconception on Islam.

In Islam alone, it is forbidden for a man to touch a woman who is not his family or his wife, and thus Alshenrifi did that.

“If the teacher could give us the time to explain, that would be respectful…” she said. (OnIslam/