Discrimination Continues, 19 Muslims Arrested in France

France, MelodramaticMind.com- 19 Muslims in France were arrested in response to the increasing frequency of discrimination against the Muslim people by the Kuffar French government.

A report of International Islamic News Agency told on Saturday March 31st that they were arrested on Friday March 30th in Paris and two other cities in France.

The motive behind the fierce arrest, which was followed with shooting against those 19 Muslims, was not identified yet, while Sarkozy said that the arrest has no relations with the fatal shooting in Toulouse few days ago.

Speaking in a radio interview, it is clear that Sarkozy has declared a war against Islam as saying that those 19 Muslims arrested and interrogated were following ‘a form of radical Islam,’ without clearly explaining what ‘radical Islam’ is to the public.

Further report tells that only 17 were finally sent into prison with two others were released.

Worse, Sarkozy claimed that the arrest and the shooting at them were ‘in full accord with the justice system’ and there will be some other arrests, likewise.

“What happened this morning is going to continue. There will be other operations that will continue and that will allow us to expel (them) from the national territory people who have no business being here,” Sarkozy said.

French government, under its president Sarkozy the Kuffar, ceaselessly shows its arrogance and discrimination against Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

The case of Hijab ban few years ago was then followed-up with the ban of Niqab and BUrqa few years later.

Few days ago, five Muslim scholars were restricted from attending an Islamic conference in France. They were Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi, Sheikh Aidh Al-Qarni, Sheikh Abdullah Basfar, Sheikh Akrama Sabri, and Sheikh Safwat Al-Hijazi.

May Allah saves our Muslim brothers in France from the cruelty and discrimination committed by Sarkozy and his allies. Amen.

And remember the time when the Kuffar (Quraish) people plotted and planned all efforts against you, to arrest you, to imprison you, to kill you, and to isolate you. They plotted and planned, but Allah make them fail. And Allah is the best plot and plan Maker,” (Al-Anfal: 30). (IINA/MelodramaticMind)