Six Prominent Muslim Scholars Fail to Speak at the Islamic Conference Held by Union of Islamic Organizations of France

France, As France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy is getting mad with the shooting accident happened in Toulouse, he sparked anger from the Muslim in the world as saying that four prestigious Muslim scholars should not step foots in the territory of French Republic.

Such a statement came just days before the Islamic conference is held in Le Bourget near Paris from April 6th – 9th sponsored by Union des Organisations Islamiques de Frances (UOIF/ Union of Islamic Organizations of France).

Speaking at France Info radio, Sarkozy said that Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi ‘was not welcome in the territory of French Republic.’

In response to this, Sheikh Al-Qardhawi, who is famous for his phenomenal work Fiqih Zakat and Fiqih Jihad, then decided not to attend the conference.

Coming along with him was an Egyptian Muslim scholar Sheikh Mahmud Al-Masri decided not to go to Paris to attend the conference.

The situation is just getting worse as Sarkozy felt it was not enough with only banning Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi from delivering the Islamic peace messages in front of the thousands of French Muslims.

Speaking on behalf of the French government, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe also banned four other Muslim scholars like Dr Aidh Al-Qarni, Sheikh Abdullah Basfar, Sheikh Safwat al-Hijazi, and a former Mufti of Jerusalem Akrama Sabri.

Quoted from AFP, Sarkozy falsely claimed that those Muslim scholars might possibly ‘damage republican principles’ and a cause to ‘a serious threat to public order.’

“These people’s positions and statements calling for hatred and violence seriously damage republican principles and, in the current context, represent a serious threat to public order,” he said.

Good news, Alhamdulila, came soon as Swiss scholar Tariq Ramadan has already RSVP for the event held on April 6th – 9th.

And of course, this lured the French government to respond with negative welcome as saying that Mr Tariq’s stance is ‘against the republican spirit’ claiming that his participation at the conference ‘does not do any service to France’s Muslims.’

“And remember the time when the Kuffar (Quraish) people plotted and planned all efforts against you, to arrest you, to imprison you, to kill you, and to isolate you. They plotted and planned, but Allah make them fail. And Allah is the best plot and plan Maker,” (Al-Anfal: 30). (OnIslam/WoshingtonPost/Al-Arabiya/MelodramaticMind)