A British Muslim Jailed in Somalia

UK, MelodramaticMind.com – The Kuffar Somali Policemen worried too much about the Islamic Jihadi movement in the country.

For that reason, a British Muslim Clive Dennis was arrested upon allegation that he has links to Al-Qaeda.

Clive Dennis, 45, was arrested by the Somali authority at Aden Adde International Airport in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu.

In the immigration office of Mogadishu, Clive Dennis was interrogated about his reason to go to Somalia.

He admitted that his visit to Somali is dedicated to help his Muslim brothers who are currently suffering.

However, the hypocrite Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow, Somali govt spokesperson, responded to Dennis’s answer as saying that it could ‘cause us problems.’

“This makes us think he is a foreigner who wants to fight with al-Qaeda, who may be from al-Qaeda, or who may at least be ready to cause us problems,” Yarisow the hypocrite said.

Clive Dennis has Jamaican blood within his body, and he travelled to Somalia passing through Nairobi, Kenya, by holding a British passport.

The most unique thing is the fact that Dennis was arrested only upon false prejudice claiming that Dennis might want to join al-Qaeda-linked organization, Al-Shabaab. Wallahu’alam bish shawwab. (TheSun/MelodramaticMind.com)