The Blind Court in Ustadz Abu Bakar Baasyir’s Verdict

The Southern Jakata’s Kuffar court sentenced 15 years of jail to Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir amidst the fact that he was not proven to get involved in any terror act.

By using seven points of accusation, the Ustadz ABB, that’s he is usually called, was accused of having significant roles in the military training in the province of Aceh.

In his verdict it was said that Ustadz ABB, who is not rich, was blindly accused of donating the Aceh military training with a sum of money counted at IDR 350 million (US$ 41,000).

Herry Swantoro, one of the judges committees, alone said that there is not enough evidence that Ustadz ABB took part in any terror act in Indonesia, but strangely, the court committee blindly sentenced 15 years in prison to Ustadz ABB.

“Not proven legally and surely (that Ustadz ABB) committed in any crime act as the accusation said,” said Herry Swantoro.

The main reason for why the Kuffar court decided the sentence is just because Ustadz ABB disagrees with the kuffar government effort to eradicate the Jihadi movement conducted by those Indonesian Mujahideen.

There is, indeed, pressure from the western governments that the Indonesian court must stop the dakwah (Islamic mission) of this charismatic and smiling Ustadz (Islamic teacher).

If the public continuously monitor the court sessions of Ustadz ABB, there will become obvious that the judge committee ignores some important point that soften the charge.

Such an opinion was delivered by Ustadz ABB’s lawyer, Ustadz Achmad Michdan, saying that the judge committee ignores key witness testimony during Ustadz ABB’s court session.

“There was one witness ignored by the judge,” said Ustadz Michdan as quoted by

The key witness here refers to Khaerul Ghazali who admitted to Ustadz ABB and the judge committee that he willy-milly made a fraud testimony after pressure and violent treatment from the investigator.

In a personal letter sent to Ustadz ABB, Khaerul Ghazali had no option but he had to made a fraud testimony saying that Ustadz ABB was really in support of the military training in Aceh.

In that letter, Khareal Ghazali had to do that because of severe and inhuman treatment that he received during his imprisonment.

No matter what, the judge committee seemed to be blind about this and neglect all the testimonies that might soften the charge to Ustadz ABB.

Ustadz Michdan alone said, “This one witness testified that all the witnesses were pressure and after receiving a number of violent treatments.”

“How can we get an objective verdict when the witnesses were under duress?” he said further.