Indonesia to Block “Terrorist” Webpages?? What about Porn Sites???!

By Irfan Nugroho
Discussion on the intention of the Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information to block ‘terrorists’ webpages have aroused about a year ago, when a Mujahid (but the government and the media call him “terrorists”) Abdullah Sunata wrote a message to all Indonesian Muslims on his blog

Soon after this, the Indonesia Police – in cooperation with the FBI (Federal Bureau of IBLIS) – shutdown the site because it sounded “terrorism”.

The end of April this year, the Minister of Communication and Information – who is said to be the ex-president of Indonesia’s biggest “Islamic” party – vowed to block any webpage containing “terrorism”.

The decision to block “terrorist” webpages came soon after the official site of Indonesian Police was defaced by a hacker about a week ago.

The day when the site was hacked, people accessing the Indonesian Police’s official site will be redirected to a page containing the Dua (prayer) dedicated to help the Mujahidin around the world and the fall of the Kuffar government.

And now, what can we learn from this maneuver to extinguish the light of Allah??

Indeed, it becomes clear that “terrorism” here means Jihadism or any Islamic matters sounding the establishment of Islamic state.

One thing that makes me sad is that this intention came from an ex-president of the biggest “Islamic” party, whom I do believe that he knows so well about Jihad and the urgency of the establishment of Islamic state.

No matter what, working for the Kuffar government means that taking-off Islamic ‘identity’ because it is impossible for a glass of milk to keep being a healthy drink when cyanide put within.

Far before being elected the minister of Indonesian government, he might say to the public that soon when worked for the government, there will be “Islamic intervention” to this Kuffar government.

However, no significant “Islamic intervention” found so far.

Indonesians might still remember that about a year ago, the Ministry of Communication and Information campaigned to shutdown “pornographic” sites, but a year after that, still there are about 10 million pornographic sites can be accessed easily by Indonesian children.

Now, if he wants to do the real “Islamic intervention” to this Kuffar government, please do totally shutdown all pornographic sites from Indonesian internet users just like the Chinese government does!