1001 Ways to Fade the Jihad

A Mujahid ulema, a hadith expert, and a humble merchant, Abdullah Ibn Mubarrak once said, “Are there any things destroying this Dien (religion of Islam) except the king and hireling scholars?”

At a glance, what Abdullah Ibn Mubarrak said is almost the truth. The motifs behind all the destructions of this religion do really come from the authoritarian kings and the scholars who sell out this Dien as a way to get closer with those kings for mere worldly affairs.

In the age of the Prophet Moses, the Israeli people had a famous scholar name Bal’am Ibn Ba’ura. He knew that Allah is the only One who fulfills all what he prayed for. Unfortunately, he made collaboration with the Pharaoh in tackling the mission of the Prophet Moses.

Scholar like Bal’am is an example of what is called “Ulema Suu’” (hireling scholars) who had strong arguments that might lead ordinary people to believe in them. Such an ability of producing strong arguments is then functioned by authoritarian kinds to push off the flow of truthfully Islamic mission. Combined with the wealth and military powers, those authoritarian kings and the hireling scholars endeavour to derail the Muslim ummah from the right Islamic understanding.

The same phenomenon takes place in the current time. Struggle to uplift the religion of Allah and the Jihad receives continuing tackles from the authorities who stand against the Sharia law. In making ease that project; authorities take into usage of hirelings scholars with worldly affairs and wealth as the return.

In reality, the biggest enemy of the Mujahideen in the present day is the Kuffar people holding the world. Just to mention some of them are the US and Israel terrorist countries and their allies who continually invade the Muslim countries. The coalition of the Kuffar power above then ‘buys’ the power owned by the presidents of those Muslim countries, then those presidents use the hireling scholars to defend their position.

Some great Jihady figures in the middle-east usually call such scholars as the “fuqaha of Pentago” or “fuqaha of the marine.” These two terms refer to those Muslim scholars working for the Pentagon and the US marines.

“Halaqah” of Anti-Terrorism
In Indonesia, the same pattern is taken into usage. Using the project’s name “deradicalization,” the Indonesian government has agreed to cooperate with the US to fight ‘terrorism’ by derailing the Muslim ummah from the right Aqidah (belief system of Islam) and holding together hireling Muslim scholars and ordinary people calling themselves Muslim scholars.

This occurs in some places in Indonesia. An event entitled “Halaqah Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme” (National Circle of Tackling Terrorism) has begun in six big cities, Jakarta, Surakarta, Surabaya, Palu, and Medan since 2010.

The event alone is organized by the Communication Forum of National Media Practitioners and (unfortunately) the Indonesian Ulema Council. Supported by the National Intelligence Body and the National Police, one big theme discussed at the “Halaqah” centered on “the roles of Muslim scholars to shape the ‘right’ Islamic understanding.”

In the city of Surakarta, the event found it deadlock because the Muslim scholars in this city have already understand the real motif behind this event. Maneuvers were taken by holding entrepreneurship training.

June this year, Iqtida’ Bi Akhlaqi Ar-Rasul Foundation – formerly named as Sangga Buana – held an entrepreneurship training in which the participants of this event were those Muslim activists around the city of Surakarta. One participant – who was not willing to mention his name – witnessed that the event was actually held by an intelligence named Yahya Assegaf.

Yahya Assegaf alone recently appears in many national media for his action in unveiling fake information to the Wikileaks. Assegaf is said to give information to the US embassy in Indonesia that Front Pembela Islam-FPI (Islam Defenders Front) is actually fed by the Indonesian national police. On that fake information, Assegaf even openly calls the FPI as the ‘attacking dog’ owned by the Indonesian national police.

Some Muslim media sites revealed that the son of Yahya Assegaf, Hani Yahya Assegaf, takes great sympathy for the terrorist Israel by establishing Indonesia Israel Public Affairs Committee as a political lobby of the terrorist Israel in Indonesia. Together with Benjamin Ketang, he held the celebration of Israel “independence day” on 14th May this year in Jakarta.

Back to the event in the city of Surakarta, the witness also said that the materials delivered throughout the event were about deradicalization. Discussion was driven to make a consensus that the use of Jihad is no longer needed to change evil deeds in society.

Not only did the enemies of Islam hold mere entrepreneurship training, but also ‘fake journalistic training’ held by the Center for Human Rights Study of Indonesian Islamic University – an element under the big umbrella organization called Aliansi Kebangsaan Untuk Kebebasan Beragama dan Berkeyakinan-AKKBB (National Alliance for the Freedom of Religion and Belief).

Including those invited to participate at the training was An-Najah Magazine, ‘radical Islamic media, Islamic publishing companies, and the FPI. At least there are two ‘strange points’ can be found at the event: (1) the participants were only from those categorized ‘radical’ Muslim, and (2) while the participants are really working in journalistic fields, the keynote speakers delivering the materials during the training really really do not have journalistic background. For that reason, rather than delivering materials on journalism and journalistic works, the speakers continually spoke about their organization indeed.

When An-Najah Magazine was trying to ask information about the event’s funding, the organizing committee could not give clear response, but saying, “The one know this is my boss.”

Books for Free
Some kuffar foundations published a number of books written by those tackling the Jihad. Just to mention one of them is a book entitled “Jihad bukan Terorisme” (Jihad, Not Terror) written by a ‘salafiyun’ figure named Ust. Dzulkarnain Bin Sanusi. In fact, Ust. Dzulkarnain is a figure who continuously throws criticism and insults other Muslim activists having no ‘salafiyun’ background like him.

The content of the book alone tends to erase the obligatory duty of Jihad because according to Ust. Dzulkarnain Bin Sanusi, to hold a Jihad must have permission from the available ruler. “Ruler” here, according to him, is the president of Indonesia who is indeed an adhered follower of the kuffar United States. In logical thinking, will ‘ruler’ like this give permission to the Mujahideen to fight against the kuffar power of the US?

Anti-Jihad campaign held by those calling themselves ‘salafiyun’ is a new thing no more in Indonesia. Some ‘safiyun communities’ in Indonesia, indeed, have shown their ‘murji’ah’ characters and therefore usually in the same front as the misleading government ceaselessly fight against Islam.

This is inline with a historical record by Ibnu Kathir saying that a khalifah from the Bani Abbasiyah asked a prominent Muslim scholar Nadr Bin Syamil, “What is murji’ah?” Nadr Bin Syamil then said, “Murji’ah is a religion that is loved by the ruler.” “Indeed,” said the khalifah.

One of another ‘free book’ is also held by those Ikhwan Al-Muslimin Indonesia who is persuading the Indonesian Muslims to read the ‘most comprehensive’ book of Jihad written by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardhawi. The book entitled “Fiqih Jihad” is said to be the most completed and recommended book of Jihad by the Indonesian police.

“Police Ustadz”
One of the most unique things during the Ramadhan this year is a consensus that ‘the highest Jihad’ is the Jihad against the passion. This statement alone is claimed to a true hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, but actually it is not. One clear and pure reason behind this is the existence of interference from the Indonesian police that assigned some of its police officers to act as ‘ustadzs’ during the Ramadhan this year.

In Magetan, East Java, a police officer preached in a public Islamic forum held by the village government there. In his preaching, the ‘ustadz’ insisted that there is no infidel or mushrikun in Indonesia nowadays. The only thing exists in Indonesia right now is the different levels of ‘eeman’ hence it can be concluded that the Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist people are also Muslim but they have different levels of ‘eeman’ compared to the Muslims. Based on this opinion, the ‘ustadz’ claimed that Surah At-Taubah Verse Five is not applicable in Indonesia.

False Interpretation of Quran
One of the ways to fade the Jihad is by holding a secularist and liberalist forum aimed at making the ‘new interpretation of Quran’ as a replacement for the Quran interpretations by Sayyid Qutb or Ibn Kathir. In Karimun, Kepulauan Riau province, nine Islamic books are banned from the market because it may cause ‘instability’ to the national security. One of the books is the Tafsir Fii Dhilalil Quran written by Sayyid Qutb.

Not long before that, a US foundation held a 20-day seminar near Yogyakarta. In this forum, a number of liberal and secular activists are obliged a duty to create the new interpretation of Quran that – according to them – will be more contextual and actual to the recent situation and condition in Indonesia.

The head of Indonesia Ulema Council chapter Surakarta, Prof. DR. dr. Zaenal Arifin Adnan, said that the deradicalization like above is just like a medical surgery carried out by ordinary people, not by those doctors or medical activists. Consequently, there will be failure in that ‘medical surgery’ and therefore hurt the patient, the family, and the name of the institution.

“There are indeed parties that carry out deradicalization. They put some hadith and verses of the Quran in the wrong places and therefore endanger the foundation of belief of Muslim,” said Prof. DR. dr. Zainal Arifin.

Those ways are really destroying Islam. Once Umar Ibn Khattab asked Ziyad Ibn Hudair, “Do you know what destroys Islam?” Ziyad said, “Nope.” Then Umar Ibn Khattab said, “Islam is destroyed by three kinds of men: (1) the mistakes of Muslim scholars who tend to gain the mere worldly affairs; (2) Muslim hypocrites who endlessly debate about Quran (Islam; and (3) the regulation created by the misleading government,” (Recorded by Imam Ad-Dharimi). Wallahu’alam.

(Translated from the Indonesian version of An-Najah Magazine. Written by Mas’ud Izzul Mujahid; Translated by Abdullah).