Statement Of 'Free ABB Solidarity Group' Regarding The Cruel Sentence Against Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir


All praise belongs only to Allah, The All-Powerful over every thing. The One Who Gives Life and Takes Away Life, The One Who is Just over every thing, as well as The One Who Owns the Paradise and Hell. Salawat and salam always be showered upon the great exemplar, the just judge in his decision-making, Prophet Muhammad SAW, to his companions and the upholders of the banner of Islam who are truthful until the end times.

Today, Thursday 16th June 2011, a group of tyrannical human beings (dzaalimun) are again proudly showing off their ruthlessness by sentencing (15 years in jail - ed.) a slave of Allah who is always consistent in conveying the truth of the Rabb (Lord) Who is All-Powerful over every thing, Ustadz KH. Abu Bakar Ba’asyir…

Therefore, we, on behalf of the Muslims who always try to hold fast to the truth of the command of Allah and make Rasulullah SAW as the role model in life (inshaAllah), need to present a firm stance on this injustice:
  1. The truth only belongs to Allah The All-Mighty.
  2. This unjust treatment will only make its perpetrators regret, suffer and miserable, both in the dunya and the akhira later. Allahumma Amienn.
  3. We believe with full confidence, that Ustadz KH. Abu Bakar Ba’asyir is innocent of what have been charged on him. As for the evidences cited, they are just “rubbish” which are forced to make it sound that he is really guilty. Due to that, we demand that he is freed…!!!
  4. We convey to all those in the ranks of the government who are related to this issuance of the judgement, those who are agreeing, those who are happy, as well as supporting this judgement, that the curse and adzab of Allah SWT will befall you all, sooner or later, therefore repent soon for your actions.
  5. To the Judges in particular we convey, you dare to take this decision, it means that you have opposed Allah and His Rasul, because the person you judged as guilty is a slave of Allah who is always delivering the truth of Allah and His Rasul, then be prepared, for destruction will befall you with the arrivals of the adzab from Allah upon you, or even members of your families. Allahumma Amienn.
  6. To the Prosecutors who have been trying hard to commit injustices by delivering ‘rubbish’ evidences, as well as endeavoring to penalize maximally, we say to you, especially those of you who claim to be Muslims, immediately repent for your actions as they can cause you to become KAFIR/MURTAD…! Because of plunging a slave of Allah into agony by the injustices you have done with your rotten hands.
  7. To the Police of the Republic of Indonesia, we say, your conducts which have troubled the Islamic Ummah in living their Religion, will make you despised forever.
  8. And lastly, we convey, our do’a for you, O oppressive people, we always prayed in our solat, may you BE INFLICTED WITH THE ADZAB AND CURSE FROM ALLAH THE ALL-MIGHTY. Allahumma Amienn…

Walizzatu lillah wali rasulihi….Wa Allahuakbar….!!!