A Letter From Our Brother (From: Gaza_Palestine) To The Muslims In Indonesia

 For My Brothers In Indonesia,

I don't know why do I have to write and send this letter to you, the people of Indonesia, but if you are still asking me why? Probably the only answer I have is because your Country has the most Muslim population on the surface of this earth, isn't it so, Brothers?

When I performed the ibaadah of hajj a few years ago, after returning from the throwing of the Jumrah, I got acquainted with one of the da'wah activists from the Indonesian pilgrims. He said to me, every year during the pilgrimage season, there are approximately 205 thousands pilgrims coming from Indonesia to the Baitullah. Wow, a very fantastic number, which made me clicked in awe.

So I said to him, my brother, if the number of pilgrims from Gaza, since the year 1987 until now are combined altogether, it still could not match the number of pilgrims from your country in just one hajj season. Whereas, the distance from our place to the Baitullah is much nearer compared to yours, right? Wow, you definitely have a lot of money, right? Not to mention that, according to that of my friend, 5% of those multitudes of Indonesian pilgrims were performing the ibaadah of hajj for the second time, Subhanallah.

O My Brothers In Indonesia,

I have once envisaged at heart, why weren't I and us, who are in Gaza here, just born in your country. Wow, it must be very beautiful and awesome, right? You country is peaceful, rich and fertile, at least that is what I know about your country.

It must be very easy for the mothers there to breastfeed their babies, it must be easy to obtain infant formula milk from the shops and it might be easy for your pregnant women to give birth in the maternity hospitals of their choice.

This makes me envy you, Brothers. It is different from our country, our babies are born in refugee camps. In fact, it is not rare for the Israeli forces to stop the ambulances which are trying to send our expecting wives to the better equipped hospitals in the district of Rafah, this compels our wives to give birth inside the vehicles, yeah, in the car, Brothers!

An infant formula milk is a rare item in Gaza since we were blockaded 2 years ago, but our wives still breastfeed their babies and wean them for two years, though sometimes in order to smoothen the flow of the mothers' breast milk, our wives are willing to drink wheat soaked in water.

However, in your country, it was said that there are not a few cases of 'baby-dumping' where the father and mother are not clear, sometimes they are found dead in the gutters, in the sewers and in the rubbish dumping areas, that is the information we obtained from the television.

And what makes me surprised and have goosebumps is, apparently your country is a country that has the highest abortion cases in the Asian region, Astaghfirullah. What's wrong with you people? Is it because your country has no armed conflict, unlike us here, that people could do such despicable acts? It seems you have not appreciated the meaning of a life like we have here.

Indeed, we are witnessing our babies dead almost every day in Gaza, since the attacks by Israel, but not in the sewers or gutters, let alone in the trash? My Brothers! They died shaheed! Dying shaheed caused by the rockets of the Israeli forces!
We found them lifeless in the laps of their mothers, under the rubbles of our houses which are destroyed from the rocket attacks by the Zionist Israeli forces. My Brothers, for us the value of a baby is such that they are an asset for our struggle of resistance against illegal Zionist occupations. They are the links that will connect our struggles in liberating this country.

You need to know, since the Israeli attack on 27th December (2009), the number our brothers who have been shaheed has reached 1400 people, 600 of them were our children, but it is also since that attack and until today, that we welcome the birth of a 3000 new babies in the Gaza Strip, and Subhanallah a majority of them are boys and many are twins, Allahu Akbar!

O My Brothers In Indonesia,
Your country is fertile and prosperous, whatever plant you plant will grow and bear fruits, but why are there still malnourished babies in your country, suffering from malnutrition. Is it because of you find it hard to find rizq (sustenance) there? Is your country also under a blockade?

You need to know, Brothers, there is not even one baby in Gaza who suffers from malnutrition, let alone dying from hunger, though we have been blockaded for a long time.
You people are too spoiled! I am an administrative staff in the office of the Hamas government. It is now 7 months, I have not received a monthly salary, but Allah SWT makes suffice the rizq for us.

You also need to know, in this month alone, there are about 300 pairs of newly wedded young couples. Yes, they got married in between the intervals of the attacks by the Israeli aggressions. They pronounced the marriage covenant, in between the sound of bombs and bullets, my Brothers.

And our Prime Minister, namely Ustadz Isma'il Haniya, provides the startup marriage benefits for all the new families.

O My Brothers In Indonesia,

Sometimes I was jealous, I wish I could feel the education or halaqah development in your country, as told by that of my friend, your study program must be good, right? Many books you've certainly read, and many books you've probably devoured, you are also very enthusiastic, right? It's because you have the time.

We do not have a lot of time here, my Brothers. One hour, yeah that one hour is the time set for us here to have halaqah, after that we have to plunge right into arena of jihad, according to the task given to us.
We here are very looking forward to those halaqah days even if it is only for one hour, my Brothers, surely you are more thankful to Allah, you have more time to uphold the pillars of the halaqah, like ta'aruf, tafahum and takaful there.

Your memorization must be more than ours. All employees and Hamas fighters here must memorize surah al-Anfaal as our war chant, I do my memorizing in the between the intervals of the war rest times, how about you?

Last December, I attended the graduation ceremony for my first son's completion of the memorization of 30 juz. He is one of the 1000 children this year who have memorized the Qur'an, he is only 10 years old, I am confident your children are able to memorize the Qur'an much more quickly compared to our children here, there is no SDIT (Primary School of Intergrated Islam – ed.) in Gaza like in your place that spread like mushrooms today.

They learn in the ruins of the destroyed buildings, where the land has been flattened and the tops are fitted with some date palm tree leaves
, yeah, it is in such a place where they study, Brothers. The merging sounds of their voices memorizing the Qur'an are rumbling between the sound of gunfires coming from the Israeli forces? They memorize the verses of Jihad the fastest, because the tafseer is right there in front of their eyes. They directly feel it.

O My Brothers In Indonesia,

Oh, yeah, we have to thank all of you, seeing the solidarity actions that you show to the world community, we watched your demonstrations here. Subhanallah, we are very entertained, because you are also feeling what we are feeling here.

Indeed, many of the world community are crying for us here, including you, the people in Indonesia. But, it is not the cry that we need, Brothers, let those droplets of your tears be a record of evidence later in the afterlife, recorded by Allah as proofs of your ukhuwah with us. We have felt the benefits of your do'a and financial supports.

Oh, it's getting late already, soon will be my turn to look after the office. My duty is to wait if there is any incoming phone or fax, Insha Allah, later I want to continue with another letter. Salam to all the Islamic fighters in Indonesia.

Credit to: www.nur-muslim.blogspot.com/2010/10/sebarkan-surat-dari-saudara-kita-dari.html