Cover both Sides, Don't just Grovel at the Feet of the Western Zionists

By Irfan Nugroho
Currently, The Jakarta Post publishes opinion from those declaring themselves students of Islamic studies in frequent time. However, most of the opinion writers did not even use the Quran as their theoretical framework when they discuss Islam.

Instead of using the Quran and the Hadith, they prefer to base their thought upon the Western mindset because they were educated in many Western universities that of course uphold pluralism and liberalism, indeed.

What a pittier, it is apparent that they don’t even take any proud of being a Muslim.

In some writings, they tend to call the real Muslims – who uphold Islamic teaching highly – as ‘terrorists’; while on the same time, they are not brave enough to say Israeli military action in Palestine a real terror action.

Also, they never speak on the US invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq that contributes greatly to the huge number of civilian casualties.

To me personally, there are two possible reasons for why those ‘fraud’ Islamic scholars do as such.

First, they are misled by the propaganda broadcast via the mainstream media; and secondly, they are in need of mere economic wealth.

Zionism Propaganda via Mainstream Media
I’m writing this as I read an editorial of The Jakarta Post entitled “Stop Church Burning.”

There I found the editorial was so imbalance because it did only cover the outrage of the Sumatran Muslim people without mentioning the reasons on why those Muslims burnt the churches.

While they made continuous coverage on the mere church burning, they rarely make coverage on the burden suffered by Indonesian Muslims trying to be the real Muslims.

For instance, when a masjid in the capital Jakarta destroyed by the Jakartan government because of unclear reason in March last year, this papers kept silence reporting nothing about it.

Responding to the editorial, I had twice tried to leave comment on the “Post Comment” column beneath the editorial.

But, they never made them published. Worse, they did only publish comments that supports the editorial...!

More often than not, the mainstream media covers issues on Islam only from one misleading perspective – that is from the Western perspective that views Islam uncivilized.

While shouting that the real Islam is closely related to Jihad (Holy Islamic war in term of defending Islam, Muslims, and the Muslim lands), the mainstream media never makes any coverage on why those Mujahidins (Muslim soldiers engaging in the Jihad movement) do as such.

From such a habit, many people – who cannot filter the mind and cannot find the truth (just like the motto of an Islamic web – are driven unconsciously. They are being misled by the propaganda of Zionism broadcast via the mainstream media.

It is unfortunate to see those ‘Muslim academics’ have no ability to filter their mind while reading mainstream media, and therefore cannot find the truth of Islam.

Consequently, even though they said they are Muslims, but their ways of thinking and habits do not even represent the real Muslim figures.

In Need of Mere Economic Wealth

The most possible reason for why those ‘fraud Muslim scholars’ doing so is that economic wealth.

I had once made a writing about the relations of money, prestige, and Islam on an article entitled, “Islam and TheJakartaPost.

There I said that discussing Islam – especially from the Western perspective – promises better chance to be published in Likewise, any research or seminar on Islam viewed from the West is the best way to get funding from the foreign, especially those under the underground organization named Zionism.

To add more, I have to admit that most of those “fraud scholars” find it hard to get their places here.

You see, there are many prestigious position in the country that are occupied by those who have kinship relations within the institution. Or, they may have the same political interests, and therefore reject those scholars who tend to be critical.

That is why; the best way to keep surviving is by ‘selling’ Indonesia and Islam to the West.

It is not strange for me to see a number of Indonesian academics studying abroad but never come back to their home country because the West promises better economic wealth.

Finally, keeping up the pace to the current information by reading the media is not bad. However, still there are many ‘unjust media’ that do only cover one crucial issue from one perspective.

As academics, we must be able to ‘cover both sides’ rather than groveling at the feet of the Western Zionists to keep survive with there mere economic wealth.