Obama Foreign Policy: "We Will Defeat You...!

By Irfan Nugroho
If we recognize “you're either with us or against us,” or “we'll smoke them out of their holes” at the ruling period of Bush, Obama has just issued a new policy to cope with the Jehad movement in Afghanistan and Taliban called “we will defeat you.

Well, though the policy was drawn after a “careful policy review” that involved military commanders and diplomats, regional governments, partners, Nato allies, NGOs and aid organisations (BBC), we will see that it someday I promise, it would be a mere failure.

Why? It’s just because the jehaders would be very happy to know more and more the US troops coming to “the Land of Jehad.” That is what has been happening in Iraq since several years ago; and you know the fact, the US faces its economic downturn and its military forces suffer from mental illness. Just wait and see!

Back to November 2008, we sure do still remember how the world enthusiastically welcomed Obama. We all, perhaps, wished that he would bring changes (surely I did as well that he would bring better changes for all, including all Muslim people in the world, and I disappointed after this policy was issued). Now, could we all see that? Several yes, but several not! It’s too early to judge him, however.

Well, in the name of democracy, the US legalizes war against Osama, Al Qaeda and Taliban.

In the name of democracy
, an additional 4,000 troops would be sent there.

In the name of democracy, the US promises beautifully temporary mundane things (money) to the Afghan people; even though it is not “a blank cheque.” There must be return for this; that of Afghan people, especially women, must put off their hijab, and those youngsters put their guns down, retiring from jehad.

I just do not understand why the US’s will to defeat Islam should be in the name of democracy. Have they all read about the glory of Islam under the rule of Muhammad, Abu Bakar, Umar bin Khatab, Ustman bin Affan, and Ali bin Abi Thalib? Is there any democracy at that time? No, there isn’t!

Man, please open your eyes for reading about the history of Islam. You’ll find no democracy there, but all people, not only Muslim, could live in harmony. In a country where Islamic law is implied fully, those who are not Muslim are highly respected and protected.

Even in Hadith it is said that Muhammad condemns a Muslim of an Islamic country who hurts non-Muslim.
I am desperate to see that all people in the world blame the jehaders; in fact those jehaders act in the name of revenge. Revenge? Check the below facts!

In Poso, Indonesia, thousands of Muslims were destroyed by the kafirs. And there you see that the world did not expose it! And when there was a jehad movement against the kafirs hurting the Muslims in Poso, all people, especially media, began exposing it massively.

In Pattani, Thailand, Muslim is being pushed to release its identity as Muslim, and turn it to Buddhism. All Islam’s products, like Islamic schools and Malay language, are never officially acknowledged by the government.

In Palestine, Israel does never stop grabbing cruelly the land of Muslim. And you see how the world, United Nation and the US, react of this? And sure you still remember how Obama acts upon this; yes, he was silent, no comment!

Finally, the US policy of “we will defeat you” is obviously addressed to Islam. It’s not about in the name of the world’s safety. It’s not about in the name of democracy. It’s all about defeating Osama, Al Qaeda, Jehad, and Islam. And we will see that all efforts against Islam and Allah will be mere failure, I do really sure about this, just wait and see!