Muhammad Jibril, and Stop the War against Islam

A crew of was making his office neat ofter being
mussed up by the Indonesia's Anti-terror Squad

By Irfan Nugroho It is unfortunate that the probe on ‘terrorist’ suspects in Indonesia has reached the journalistic areas.

To those keeping an eye on Indonesia’s terrorist issue, the arrest of Muhammad Jibril, or Muhammad Ricky Ardan, is of course familiar with.

Muhammad Jibril is the founder, and the manager of Arrahmah Media.

Amongst the many mainstream media that tend to expose Islamic matters from the bad sides, gets online to counter balance the misleading reports on Islam by those mainstream media. alone has been famous as a news agency that mainly covers the dynamics of Islam, especially Jihad. Simply I want to say that is just like a common news agency, just the same as Reuters, BBC, CNN, and Kompas.

But as of Wednesday (26/8/2009), can no longer be accessed following the arrest of Muhammad Jibril, and the seizures of some CPUs and the website’s archives.

To me personally, the probe on ‘terrorist’ suspects in Indonesia has out of the track.

And it is undeniable that the Western certainly doesn’t want the ideology of Jihad to be widespread amongst the Muslims.

Friends, the rise of Islam is considered a threat to the Western. So, this is actually against Islam!

Muhammad Jibril was ‘kidnapped’ on Tuesday, when he was on the way to his parent’s house in Pamulang, Tangerang District, Banten Province.

He was going to give some documents, about the mosque located near his parents’ house, to his father, Ustadz Abu Jibril.

Unfortunately, three people – believed to be from Indonesia’s Anti-terror Squad (Densus 88) – stopped him, pushing him down to the pavement, boot-stamping on his face, and putting handcuff on his hand fiercely.

Knowing such a ‘harsh treatment,’ Muhammad Jibril’s father then initiated to seek information from the Indonesian National Police.

Ustadz Abu Jibril, Muhammad Jibril’s father, had once met the spokesman of Indonesian National Police, Nanan Sukarna, but strangely, the policeman said that he didn’t know that his minions have ‘kidnapped’ Muhammad Jibril.

You may ask, “How come?” But sure, this did really happen.

The Indonesian National Police’s spokesman did not know that his officials have acted out of his monitor.
Ustadz Abu Jibril, Muhammad Jibril's father, was showing some books
collected by his son. Ustadz is a very smilling people, as many friends of mine
told me about him.
On the same day, in the midnight, about 20 people from Indonesia’s Anti-terror Squad (Densus 88) arrived at the house of Ustadz Abu Jibril, Muhammad Jibril’s father.

All rooms inside the house were investigated. Abu Jibril once asked a man, but he was answered, “Pak Ustadz maunya apa?!!!” (What do you want?!!!!).

Since then, one laptop of Muhammad Jibril’s younger brother was seized by Indonesia’s Anti-terror Squad, and another laptop of Muhammad Jibril was likewise.

The harsh treatment from Indonesia’s Anti-terror Squad did not stop here.

Soon after mussing up Abu Jibril’s house, and seizing two laptops, they went to the office of

Police-line was stretched out around the office, and those 20 Anti-terror Squad began entering the office while bringing neither official letters of arrest nor investigation.

Some documents were seized up by them, and four CPUs, that used to manage the website, were likewise.

Consequently, the website is now offline. But fortunately, the website is now using alternative URL at

On the following day, Ustadz Abu Jibril tried to visit his son at the office of Indonesian National Police. But unfortunately, he was not allowed!

Friend, I want you all to know that this is the fact.

A man who used to manage an Islamic news agency was arrested by Indonesia’s Anti-terror Squad amidst the lack of evidence unveiling that our friend, Muhammad Jibril, has given hand to funnel the fund for the bombing in Jakarta, July 17th, 2009.

Finding not enough evidences to prove the claims, the office of Islamic news agency and the house of Ustadz Abu Jibril were investigated. Two laptops and four CPUs were robbed.

Friend, I want you all to know that this is part of Western’s efforts to ‘eradicate Islamic Jihad ideology.’

Want evidences? Search on Google for “National Strategy Security of the United States,” and you’ll be shocked.

Two of the US’s main goals are bringing down Taliban and Al-Qaeda as well as sowing the seed of democrazy.

It’s clear enough I think. The military occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq is in the name of bringing down Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

While sowing the seeds of democrazy can only be achieved when the Muslims in all over the globe do not want to be ruled using Islamic law under an Islamic Caliphate.

In the other words, the US has realized that the only way to establish an Islamic Caliphate is through Dakwah and Jihad.

Consequently, every single effort to spread Islamic teachings, especially Jihad, will find it hard to be accomplished.

We all have known that has actively sounding the dynamics of Islam and Jihad from all over the world.

And we all have known that the arrest of Muhammad Jibril is apparently because of his active efforts in informing the Jihad news, instead of his involvement in the last July Jakarta bombing.

Friends, to all Muslim bloggers who care about this, let unite. Our messages are simple, “Release Muhammad Jibril, and stop from tackling the dissemination of Islamic teachings.”