"We Will Not Go Down" and A Universal Message to the World

By Irfan Nugroho
On these recent days, we get offered frequently with news telling the most recent situation in Gaza. Soon after working, then I turn on my TV, watching for news. Again, most of them are still telling about Gaza.

Sounds horrible to hear and watch the video displaying hundreds of civilians laid on the ground. Nothing can we do from here, so I write this matter today after being inspired by a song entitled We Will Not Go Down.

Quite interesting song; hence makes me eager to review it, at least at a glance.

“We Will Not Go Down” was composed by Michael Heart. When I skimmed his homepage on www.michaelheart.com, surely I don’t even know who this man. In fact, he states that he is a pop/rock singer, but why I don’t know him. Perhaps, my knowledge on the rock world is a mere shortage.

First time hearing a word “Gaza” on that song, I was eerie. Gaza has become a limelight of the world right now. Many people, who even never pay attention to this city before, now are turning their heads to Gaza as the massive publication on the news.
As well as this song, I bet that Michael Heart also never heard to this city before this humanitarian crisis. Then I was impressed upon his song that shouts honestly about the empathy for the suffering of Gaza people. That is a plain expression of westerner about Gaza conflict.

I deeply appreciate his effort to compose this song. But, the situation is seemingly to remain for a long run. When many people are crying and expressing their empathy for the Gaza people, the Israeli military will never stop eradicating the Gaza people.
The United States of America, as a country that usually delivers its lesson on democracy through war and military invasion, will always be giving tacit backing to its brother Israel. The US people’s aspiration as what Michael Heart did will never come to the ear of the US big bosses.

Worse, nothing do we see any calling from the Arab world for immediate ceasefire; something that really really disappoints me. If you think the UN might be able to stop this humanitarian crisis, you are a little bit wrong.

The UN is powerless right now. I just send my prayer for the Gaza people to God now as I, as well as thousands of people out there, cannot do anything except praying.

Let’s do we send the universal messages to the world that the Israel must soon withdraw its troops from Gaza, and never stop praying for a better situation in Gaza, now and after conflict.

Israel and America are the Real Terrorists.
Pure and Simple.