Questioning Obama's "Change We Can Believe In"

By Irfan Nugroho

More than 700 civilians were destroyed; hundreds of them were women and children, and the rest were members of Hamas. Thousands of ordinary people got injured, most of them, again, were children who were attending classes. Several Hamas leaders were murdered; one masjid, one hospital, and one parliamentary house were destroyed as well.

Palestine, as well as other Islamic countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, now is a “nightmare” for the Palestinians and other people from over the globe. Israel military attack on Palestine since December 27th, 2008, has become a killing machine, and likewise a New Year gift for the Palestinians.

As well as the US invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel military attack is the very real “humanitarian crisis” in the end of 2008. Both Israel and the US are the real terrorists. All they have done are extremely worse than Bali Bombing and 9/11.

While a number of people are wishing for immediate ceasefire, the United State of America keeps on its stance, backing Israel military attack. This is inline with Obama’s statement on Youtube video wherein he stands with Israel against Hamas.

We must not negotiate with terrorist group (Hamas-red) intend on its real destruction…,” Obama said. On another occasion, he also said, “Israel’s security is our pact, and it is not negotiable…

So I begin questioning Obama’s utopia “Change We Can Believe In.” Is he really capable of “changing” the US stance in charge of Israel-Palestine conflict? Or worse, he only succeeds the crusade of Bush’s “You’re either with us or against us in the war against terror.”

It’s not fair enough to doubt Obama, in fact he hasn’t been inaugurated as the president of the United State. But this is my anxiety over his statement that “No talk at any level with Hamas.” I do personally view that Obama will not be capable of changing the US “war tradition.”