Blink-182’s Anthem: One of the Remaining Idealist-Minded Songs of Blink-182

By Irfan Nugroho
Though I’m not a great fan of Blink-182, I love to hear “Anthem” very much. Compared to Blink-182’s latest album that is too much market-minded, Blink-182’s Anthem tells us that Blink-182 once still had idealist-minded while they’re part of major label.

“Anthem” can be said equal to
Rise Against’s Paper Wings or Anywhere, but not as serious as Bad Religion’s. No matter what, this song is one of the most serious-themed songs of Blink-182.

“Anthem” is actually about a personal story from Blink-182. This song is just like the other songs of Blink-182 that employ youth’s experience and personal feeling as well as silly behaviours.

Blink-182’s “Anthem” is different. This song can be more than that. It can be much more meaningful if you think so.

As I read a forum at, I found that this song is about a huge party, and Blink-182 was performing there. In the middle of the party, there was a quarrelling that resulted in blood everywhere around the venue.

Consequently, everybody had to pitch in and help clean it up before the house’s parents came home. (Thank you to
colourmepunk182 of admitting that he quoted from an interview engaging Blink-182’s guitarist, Tom, within).

The above might be OK as it came out from Tom, who wrote the lyric. But for me personally – and some of you perhaps, the song’s meanings can be more meaningful.

The song tells about parents’ ignorance to their kids. Let’s take a look at the song’s bridge saying:
…And Mom and Dad possess the key instant slavery
No need explain no plan no need to even bother
I’ll pack my bags I swear I’ll run, wish my friend were 21…

Also read the song’s chorus saying:
You don’t belong, you left the kids to carry on
You plan their fall, too bad you’re wrong
Don’t need a Mom/Dad slave’s drive song
I time bomb……

Fixed to the youth’s dilemmas, parents in big cities usually find it hard to control their kids as the nature of youth that demands absolute freedom. In this song, Tom materialized “parents’ control over kids” into “Mom and Dad possess the key instant slavery.”

As kids don’t want to be under parents’ lifetime controls, the line “I’ll pack my bags I swear I’ll run…” was written. Further, the word “you” on the chorus does simply refer to parents.

Youth fells neglected by their parents in the name of earning for living. In Tom’s perspective, this is a treatment leading to “youth’s fall.” To him as well, this is “too bad” and “parents are wrong,” so through this song he wanted to suggest all such parents to spare times getting along with their kids at home.

Such youth’s presumption of being neglected by parents can be easily found everywhere. Blink-182’s Anthem might represent it properly. And at this point, Blink-182’s Anthem offers its unique feature.

This is one of some Blink-182’s serious-themed songs. If you’re a fan of Blink-182, you will notice that most of their songs are not serious enough. Indeed, Blink-182 targeted the market, as this band is not as idealist as Bad Religion, NOFX, or Rise Against.

This song, however, tells us that Blink-182 once still had their idealist side; in fact they had been part of a major label. That is why, I dislike their last album, but I love hearing Blink-182’s Anthem very much for its idealist-minded theme.
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