Bad Religion’s Live Again (the Fall of Man): Love This Song for the Music, not for the Lyric

By Irfan Nugroho
Live Again (the Fall of man) is the last track of Bad Religion’s album “The Empire Strike First” first launched in 2004. I have been hearing this song for more than four years, but I think I fell in love (again) to this song currently.

I love this song for its drum beating, for its guitars, and for its harmony. One thing I dislike from this song is the lyric. Why? Yes, as the other songs of Bad Religion, this song represents Bad Religion’s atheism.

For you who are Bad Religion’s lovers, it is perhaps familiar that Mr Greg Graffin – Bad Religion’s vocalist who is likewise a Professor in living science at UCLA – and Mr Brett Gurewitz – Bad Religion’s Guitarist – are both embracing atheism. It means that those people do not believe in any religion.

They prefer believing in relational faith rather than believing in God. And with a savvy lyric and highly highly musical sense, Mr Greg Graffin and Mr Brett Gurewitz poured down their insight to the most of their songs, including Live Again (the fall of man).

This is song is about questioning the beyond living, or life after death. Let’s see on the first couplet of the lyric:
The road is narrow the horizon wide
And they say what’s waiting on the other side
It’s so rewarding and the ultimate prize
But what god is something if you can’t have it until you die

Well, as religious people, we do believe in a life after death. And to say the “life after death,” Mr Graffin wrote it down into “…what’s waiting on the other side.” So, the word “they” here can be meant religious clerics.

And if we are religious people, we do also believe that there are the Paradise and the Hell in the concept of “life after death.” This is materialized on the next line of that couplet saying, “It’s so rewarding and the ultimate prize.”

The last line of the first couplet clearly shows Mr Greg Graffin’s preference in the mundane matters, or worldly properties, rather than what religious people call “provision in the life after death.”

Move next, the refrain of this song is a rhetoric. Mr Greg Graffin asked us whether we will do everything to “live again,” to live after death. The refrain says, “Live again, live again; would you give it all to live again?” Pure and simple!

Entirely, this song represents Bad Religion’s view on atheism. And if you, as a religious people, scrutinize the lyric, you won’t be loving this song.

But sure, when you hear this song again and again, you will love it and get addicted as well as me.

As some of us know, Bad Religion has three guitarists within the band. Each of them has typical sound characters. The combination of three guitars in this song, and in all Bad Religion’s songs of course, is awesome for me personally.

At the first part of the song, Mr Brian Baker plays the guitar riff very well. It’s easy to remember how to “sing” it but it’s hard to play in guitar. I’ve tried this with my guitar but I can’t. And, the guitar solo at the middle of this song fits beautifully to the harmonious and coir-like voice of Mr Greg Graffin, the professor.

Likewise, I love the drum beating played by Brook Weckerman. He is a fabulous drummer. And in this song, he plays his drum fast with constant rhythm. No matter what, you will not get bored hearing the drum beating indeed.

Check the composition of its bass-drum and the snare sound. And, don’t forget the sound of Brook’s cymbal that is hard but sounds soft.

Live Again (the Fall of Man), and the other songs of Bad Religion, is a masterpiece. This is the product of the band’s intellectuality, wherein Mr Graffin is one of the five evolutionary experts in the world and Mr Brett is called the “father of modern punk” in the world for its famous punk label “Epitaph.”

Excluding from its atheist-minded lyric, I highly recommend this song to hear at all times. Though this song is natured punk with full guitar distortion and fast drum beating, the song is also wonderful when played in acoustic as on the video.

So, download the song and play it on your laptops or PCs. Well, I guarantee that you will be addicted to this song. Enjoy it!
Note: The above video is the acoustic version of Bad Religion's Live Again (the Fall of Man) performed by Mr Greg Grafin when he was receiving the 2008 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from Harvard University.

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  1. Live Again (the Fall of man) is the last track of Bad Religion’s album “The Empire Strike First” first launched in 2004. I have been hearing this song for more than four years, but I think I fell in love (again) to this song currently.

  2. I used to listen to their songs, been a long time.
    So sorry for not attending ur blog recently.

    Have a good day Irfan!

  3. i don't know what about the Bad Religion's Band, but thanks for share... keep posting man

  4. I fell in love to this song...kirain...hihi...
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  5. I'm sorry that I'm gonna spoil your interpretation, but this song is written about suicide bombers, so it's not exactly about religion in general.

  6. @ BT_fan: WEll, I don't know exactly what Mr Greg's thinking about this song. But, I do believe that the motive of those suicide bombers in the "life after death." That is why Mr Greg wrote "It's so rewarding and the ultimate prize."

    So, it's not only about "suicide bombing" but also all the religious deeds that are intended to the get the Paradise in the "life after death."

    Btw, are you really from the BRPage?

    Best regards,

    Best regards,

    Irfan Melodic Nugroho
    Melodramatic Mind

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  8. nice post bro, you are the best review blogger for song and religion. Keep the consistency and I wish success always.
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  10. You're a good critic Ifran

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  15. waw this is great men.... I think for now many people has forgotten this song.. maybe...

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  17. Impressive break down of this song.

    If more people actually listened to the words of songs...there would probably be a lot less sold.

    Also people have their own interpretation of words as we see in the Bible and how people interpret that to suit themselves.

    I have been a fan of Bad Religion for many years. It was even more interesting to see someone choose their music to analyze.
    Well done :)

    Now you should pick a U2 song....:)

  18. Hi you all, thank you very much for the comment. I do highly highly appreciate them

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    @Dorothy: Really? Are you a fan of Bad Religion too? I really miss Bad Religion could have a show in Indonesia. That is awesome! Well, you're right, everyone has different interpretation about this song and every single song they love to hear. Thank you :)

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  22. well..
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  23. Bad Religion..??
    Why they name their band with something like that..??

    I'm sure they are not satanic band right??
    It must be Band in the late 90's

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  29. Hi Irfan, I'm doing just fine. How about you? This song is very touching, and the lyrics we can relate to real life.

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  34. Atheism as it is does not oppose religion, but it opposes superstitious practices and practices like black magic. The basis of Atheism is logical and scientific thinking. Science too is not in favour of superstition.

    If atheists oppose anything and everything that is related to any religion blindly, atheism itself becomes another religion. So, no true atheist will oppose religions and religious practices that are NOT superstitious.

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  35. it's a nice music indeed! thanks for the visit

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  37. so sad with what's happening in indonesia, just be careful my friend!

  38. Too me, this song is about people who believe in reincarnation. They believe in it so badly that instead of fighting the bad things around them and trying to make the world a better place, they accept the corruption, racism, poverty and dispair around them and try to "escape" the problems by devoting their lives to a religion that has been disproved over and over again. I love everything about this song, including the lyrics. I'd love too hear your arguments why religion isnt a waste :>

    ps. Sorry if i may sound rude, but since english isnt my first language my vocabulary is a bit restricted.

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