The Journey to Kebumen (Part II): Insane in the Brain

By Irfan Nugroho
As I have told you in the previous writing, the present journey was aimed at attending a friend’s wedding ceremony.

No matter what, most of the day – Friday, May 27th 2011 – was spent in having fun, hanging around the small city, called Kebumen.

It was written on the ticket that we would be arriving at the Kutoarjo train station – in the district of Kebumen – at 07:44 am.

And we got an extra-time to keep staying at the train for about five minutes; hence, we got there at around 07:49 am.

For my first experience at the train, I was eager to stay at the train longer, but getting five-minute bonus of being late was a great deal, indeed.

Here are the photographs of the Kebumen Squad soon after they arrived at the Kutoarjo train station in the district of Purworejo.

Stepping down from the PRAMEK, I first stepped my feet in the district of Purworejo, especially at the Kutoarjo train station.

Hmm... Those standing behind me might say, “Come on, boy! I’m late! Hurry up, hurry up!”

While a number of people were waiting for the next train, I would not miss any chance to catch this scene as a sign that I had once been at the Kutoarjo train station.

Hmm... Woman behind my might say, “Embarrassing...!” No matter what, I don’t even care what people would say about me doing this thing because it will be more embarrassing if I stop taking photographs. :)

Totally differing from me, Angga continued to look out the situation until this spot got ‘safe’ to take this photograph.

The female soldiers, especially for Yuni and Asti, would not miss this chance because this was their first time to be at the Kutoarjo train station.

For that reason, I just understand the motive why Asti posed that way. She pointed at the “Stasiun Kutoarjo” placard, actually.

Hmmm... “No comment...!” :) :) :)

People might be looking at us strangely when we were taking the below photos: