The Journey to Kebumen (Part I): Stepping into the PRAMEK for the First Time in Our Life

The journey is merely aimed at having a vacation, but we did it in the name of "Attending Friend's Wedding Ceremony." For Khatim, enjoy the new life with your wife. Wish you have a happy family that is under the guidance and blessing of Allah the Almighty. Amen.

It was 4:00 o’clock in the morning. I found it’s hard to wake up after having a terrible futsal game last night.

Walking through the door of my room, I found Angga’s room was already opened, but he was not within.

One thing for sure, he’s already in his PW (posisi wuenak- Javanese for ‘safely comfortable position) inside the… hehehehe

Indeed, few days before the D-day, we have agreed to stay at the Balapan train station at 5:00 AM. Consequently, Angga, Taubah, and I had to wake up an hour earlier.

It was 4:40 AM. We went out of the boarding house, leading to Uvah’s site.

With four member of the “Kebumen Squad” already gathered, we left UNS for the Balapan train station.

The time showed it was 4:55 AM when we arrived at the Balapan station and guess what; the rest of the squads were not there.

Finally, while waiting for the rest of the squad, we came to an agreement that someday later; we must set the timing of an appointment one hour earlier.

Ticket to Kebumen by taking Prambanan Ekspres-PRAMEK electric train cost 18,000 IDR each.

It was twice more expensive than taking the same train leading to Yogyakarta.

No matter what, taking a far-away travelling is much worthier by train than by motorcycle or public transport, indeed.

Thus, 18,000 IDR we should pay to the PT. Kereta Api Indonesia was not a big problem.

It was 5:15 AM; the PRAMEK wakes up, and stays at the Balapan train station for serving daily routines.

For your information, the PRAMEK has its first departure at 5:35 from the Balapan train station.

Taking no longer time, we went within the PRAMEK over jubilantly because that was the first time for Annga and I to get into the train…!

We won’t miss that wonderful chance and therefore a number of photographs were taken inside this train.

Sometimes people were looking at either Angga or me weirdly, but it wasn’t a big matter.

They might say, “Embarrassing!” but it would be more embarrassing for us to stop taking photographs.

At 5:30 AM, all the Kebumen Squad – consisting of Ii Ariyani, Yuni, Asti, and Dindin – were already inside the PRAMEK.

One member had not arrived yet, and it was Mas Wahyu. Yes, the most senior and the most silent member in the squad.

The train was almost leaving the Balapan train station for the Kutoarjo train station. Mas Wahyu ran slowly to get into the train in a hurry.

One thing made all the squad laughed was Mas Wahyu’s face looking like a really confused – or even “displaced” – person, indeed.