Malay Music Poisoning and Worsening Indonesian Music – Rido Slank

By Irfan Nugroho
I was totally shocked to know Rido, a guitarist for a group band Slank, said that Malay music is considered poisoning and worsening Indonesian music. I got really disappointed over this because I am a big fan of Slank for so many years.

Slank, an old-age Indonesian group band that is considered the most nationalist band in Indonesia, issued such deprecating statement. Rido said, “I am speechless about this (Malay music). Indonesian music is worsening as such a music genre comes to appears. I’m shame over this.”

As Rido gets shameful over the Malay music; for me, it’s shameful to hear that statement came out of him, a member of a band that has been so long upholding critical lyrics addressed to injustice suffered by the commoners.

But this statement has indirectly threatened the concept of “unity in diversity” of Indonesia. He has made his own definition about Malay; that of Malay is not Indonesia.

He forgot that Malay is part of Indonesia. Talking about Bahasa Indonesia (the Indonesian language), so we all agree that the Malay language is the origins of Bahasa Indonesia.

So, I really want to know the definition of Indonesian music in Rido’s point of view. And I am also eager to know which Malay music that is considered poisoning and worsening the Indonesian music.

It’s been more than 20 years Slank has existed in the Indonesian music industry. Their fans are also the biggest amongst the other Indonesian bands.

They have successfully attracted the public’s sympathy just because they express the injustice treatment towards the commoners even though I cannot see this in their current albums that are mostly dominated with love-story lyrics. They have also ensured the public that they have successfully recovered from drug addiction.

As the time goes by, a number of new Indonesian bands come up to the surface of Indonesian music industry. Some even could attract a huge number of fans just in a short moment.

With the more creative touches on their musical style and genre, those new bands don’t even need many years to get what Slank has struggled for so far.

Amongst those are bands that combined the indigenous Malay music style with popular music, altogether. To mention the names are a Bandung-based group band ST12 and a pop-dangdut band “Ridho Rhoma and Sonet 2.”

In my poor opinion, I believe there is a feeling of jealous from the part of Slank, especially Rido, when looking this fact. It seems they are feeling threatened over the emergence of those bands.

They are afraid that those bands would someday replace and grab the Indonesian music market. But they must remember a saying, “There is no holy struggle ends meaningless.”

They don’t even need to be afraid of this. Just do believe that you would never be left behind by your fans because you have struggled for these all since more than 20 years, up to now.

One thing they must really realize is that the Indonesian unity concept is being threatened following Rido’s statement. And at this point they must be afraid of.

Note: I am a fan of Slank for so many years. And I am a guitarist and a vocalist for a punk band First Aid Kids. No matter what, I never judge one band is good and the other is bad. I do appreciate them all because I do believe that I’ll get my respect when I’m doing so.

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  1. I do a fans of Slank Too but not the fanatic one. And I feel so uncomfortable when saw them at stage with a naked chest. Are they so poor to buy a cloth? but I like their song (balikin) so much.

  2. @ Donadzku: Ahh... I don't know the answer for that question, but I do believe they rich enough to buy some clothes that fit to them...

  3. Fan..binun mo komen apa..have a nice day yach..

  4. probably, he keep anger 'cuz Malaysian government ban Indonesian songs (it's true). They see our music as a threath to them. Most of youngster there prefer listen to our songs rather than their original song.

  5. hey,,,

    I dunno about this issue but i got to post some of my thoughts regarding this matter.

    Of course. Who would not be hurt by the statements made by the vocalist of that band. Specially if your a Malaysian, which we all know is the origin of Bahasa Indonesia and some in Tagalog of the Philippines.

    But you guys are lucky sharing almost the same language. So you malaysians and indonesians should have unity (w/c i think u already had) regarding your language barrier. How i just wished that the Pilipinos also know how to speak Bahasa or Malay so we could share our books, movies and of course music, and i think thats great if that happened. I think Rido (if im not mistaken) should make an apology to his statement.

    Well it was just my opinions. You know southeast asian people are one of the best in the world. Our government (i'm not sure in your country) are just corrupt! If only corruption don't exist, we are just like Europe. im hope someday to travel in Indonesia and Malaysia, I guess its Truly Asia out there. Unlike here in the Philippines which the spaniards and americans colonize us and took some part of us as being a true asian (take for example our names and surname changes from spanish and american names) ...

    see you around friend...

  6. Hello Dennis...

    Thank you sooooo much for your commentary...

    Before giving feedback to your comment, I want you to know that I'm not a Malaysian; I am Indonesian.

    And you have to know that "Malay" is not only Malaysia's property. Malay here has spread throughout the Malay Archipelago encompassing Indonsia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines (Mindanao), Thailand (Pattani), Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Cocos Island in New Zealand. So the broad scope of Malay in my writing doesn't only refer to Malaysia, but Malay, for me, is a concept of culture that exists and ever existed in those countries. So either Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, even the Philippines share the same root of linguistics, in this case the Malay Language.

    (yes I know little bit of this because I work as Indonesian-English translator for Hehehe)

    I do agree with you that Rido (yes you're right in spelling his name..hehhe) should make an apology over his statement about "Malay Music."

    And I think Rido should tell the public what his definition on "Malay Music" because of the wide-scope of Malay. He told "Malay Music" only and didn't tell further which "Malay Music," the traditional one or the modern one, or Indonesian-Malay Music, or Malaysian-Malay Music?

    Yes, corruption is the biggest enemy in my country as well. I cannot imagine how prosperous my country if only those who chair the position in government doesn't immerse themselves in corruption.

    So keep fighting against the corruption. Ah, I know a huge website on corruption, in this case only those happening in Indonesia, that of

    Ok, if you come to Indonesia, contact me so I can guide you and tell you, at least a brief, information about Indonesia. Thanks and keep this friendship

  7. thx for visit me, your blog very nice, keep write pls :-)