Beyond Global Warming: Conspiracy Theory behind the Global Warming Issue

By Irfan Nugroho

If you live in Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, you might agree with me that climate temperature here is getting hotter from day by day. Even at night, the climate temperature is still hot. Some people do believe that the world now is suffering from Global Warming, or Greenhouse Effects, or Climate Change; that’s why Yogyakarta is getting hotter.

Talking about Global Warming, I have a lot of friends calling for people to go green, to save the earth or to fight against global warming. But unfortunately, most of them are active smokers and they still ride motorcycle for going everywhere.

Then I begin asking, “Do they really understand what Global Warming is?” Just because the media keeps exposing the issue massively and continuously, some of them, perhaps, try to keep up on the current trend but don’t understand the real motives behind it.

Global Warming is often viewed as a mere conspiracy carried out by certain political axes, especially anti-west ideology or anti-American. Dated back to 1969, the phrase “Greenhouse Effects” was first announced by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a delegate of US President Richard Nixon on behalf of NATO. In reaction over the issue, German government argues that the issue was solely American political interest. Indeed, the year was the lost of America in Vietnam War; hence the American government tried to regain international terrain by shouting the issue.[i]

The greenhouse and acid rain issues went on due the present. On August 12th, 1990, a documentary entitled The Greenhouse Conspiracy broadcast by Channel Four reveals that scientists’ critical researches on greenhouse issue were denied funding.[ii] It means that scientific research to prove the greenhouse effects promise lack funding. So if you want to gain big amounts of funding through academic research, Global Warming issue promises better chances for this.

In 2001, US President George W. Bush withdrew from Kyoto negotiations. His motive to walkout from the negotiation was just because of Exxon’s active involvement in determining the US climate change policy. This fact was once revealed in June 2005, when US State Department papers showed the administration thanking Exxon executives.[iii]

The US alone views Kyoto negotiations as a sole forum to create the global governance. Such an anxiety appears from the threat of great economic lost in the part of US just in case the global governance, or world government, is shaped. It is predicted that about $90 billion to $400 billion annually will be in lost from the US Gross Domestic Product. Moreover, there will also be a loss of between 600,000 and 3.5 million jobs.[iv]

Above all, the public panic over the global warming issue has been created. To environmental activists, just do believe that what you have done so far is good, but you must also know that there are some hidden missions behind the issue of global warming. To those who are active in calling for “go green” or “save the earth” movements, I know you do the right and good things, but you must also discern the facts beyond the issues you’re endeavoring in.

Open your eyes! This is the truth; this is real.


[i] Early history of the environmental crisis and the setup of German environmental policy 1950-1973), Kai F. Hünemörder, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2004, in available online on, retrieved on May 4th, 2009.




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  1. i hope everyone will do their share in preventing the climate change.

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