Snow (Hey Oh): A Struggle to Start A New Life as White as Snow

By Irfan Nugroho

Well, it’s been long time I had not made a review on my favourite song (the last one is Michael Heart’s We Will Not Go Down). This time I would like to make a writing on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Snow (hey oh).

In these recent times I do often play this song at work; and indeed, it’s very addictive as this song is mostly talking about, Anthony Kiedis’s drug addiction.

As far as I asked Mr Google “Snow hey oh meaning,” I found an online discussion on what Snow (hey oh) means really is. And perhaps this is my mistake to attempt to interpret the lyrics in fact I haven’t scrutinized the text yet.

My interpretation on this song is simply in-line with Mariah’s from Colorado Spring, as I quoted from He notes:

Songs like these show what they have been though as a band (more to Anthony with this one) but it shows what they have been through and how they’ve overcome it and learned from it. This song IS about drugs...but it’s in a deeper sense then most people take it as. The "snow" is not meant to be referred to as coke or heroin. The snow is symbolic of purity and starting fresh.

I do agree with that. Entirely, this song is about drug addiction, but from the perspective of getting away from it.

It is Kiedis’s struggle against drug addiction. And it is also about an attempt to start a new life without drugs because I am sure that Kiedis have learned so many things from the death of Hillel Slovak, RHCP’s former guitarist, in 1988.

It’s little bit clear at the first couplet of the lyrics where he wrote that he wants to try to go away from drugs. There’s nothing on his mind except drugs when he is alone, that’s why he wrote “But I need more than myself this time.”

In the other words, he needs more courage from surrounding like we all need help and care from others as we are parts of social living.

Kiedis early ages were mostly neglected. His parents got divorce when he was eight; and he lived with his father, who was drugs user too He felt lonely without his mother and father living in harmony, thus he need friends or whoever to help him forgetting drugs.

In another part of the lyric Kiedis wrote, “The more I see the less I know.” It is clear that he admits that the more he uses coke or heroin (as some RHCP’s fans interpreted “snow” as) the more he is unconscious of what he is doing.

This is a message to us that drugs might lead us to brain dysfunction; therefore he adds, “The more I’d like to let it go” as he realizes the bad impacts on drug addiction indeed.

The word “snow” in another part of the song could be interpreted as a new life. He found “another perfect wonder where it’s so white as snow.” White and snow here ought not to be correlated to drugs because it is a metaphor; that of something new that is white as the snow.

Finally, everyone has his/her own interpretation on this song. You and me, perhaps, might agree that this song is quite addictive. I love the mixture of Jhon’s guitar riff, Flea’s simple bass playing, the drum, and of course the way Kiedis sings the song.

I am not a big fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers actually; but I do really fall in love with this song, as well as RHCP’s other songs like Soul to Squeeze, Universally Speaking, Tears, Tell Me Baby, and Under the Bridge.

Hear it at every single minute, and you’ll know that this song is quite addictive!

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  1. Jhon Frusciante Wanna Be11 April 2009 at 12:14

    I love this song for its Guitar riff....I just do not know how Jhon could play his guitar whilst he is singing some parts of the song...Very nice and addictive song.....