Funtwo’s Canon Rock Online Video: Shared Interest in Music and Popularity

By Irfan Nugroho
JerryC’s Canon Rock is stuck in my head all along this month soon after I heard Trans Siberian’s Christmas Canon Rock. I took my attention on investigating that song through Google; then I came up to an online Video uploaded on Youtube simply entitled “Guitar” uploaded by Funtwo.

And you know, Funtwo’s video has been watched over 50 millions times. How come? Funtwo, as he admitted to Virginia Heffernan on a Web Guitar Wizard Revealed at Last, said that he didn’t want to seek a mere popularity from the video. Indeed, he hid his face over a baseball cap in the video; thus people won’t recognize him.

Canon Rock is actually a classical music arrangement of Johann Pachelbel, an outstanding music composer at the baroque era. He composed that song in D Major; thus it is widely known “Canon Rock in D” if you Google “Pachelbel Canon.”

Simply that song is so much fascinating to be played all day. Its steady rhythm is arranged from a chord composition of D-A-B-F#-G played 30 times. From that simple chord composition, Mr Pachelbel composed a so much harmonious song called Canon Rock.

In 2005, a Taiwanese Jerry Chang re-arranged the song in neo-classical sense. Very banging-head song, I do personally think. In this 5-minutes-20-second song, you won’t hear any vocal at all, there is only guitar playing accompanied with drum, bass, synthesizer, and violin.

Wonderful, Jerry Chang composed the new arrangement only in two weeks. With a piece of paper and pen, simply he caught and remembered all the arrangement on his function of motor memory.

He then showed the public about this new arrangement in an arena of high-speed guitar heroics; but unfortunately, the audio recording was not good; thus, he decided to make his own documentation through an online video uploaded on his personal web

However, you won’t see his video at the first page of Google search result when you turn heads to Google, and type phrase “Canon Rock.” A link to a Youtube video titled “Guitar,” appears on the top of the first page of Google search result.

Yes, the video is Funtwo’s. Dressed in blue T-shirt, he deliberately hid his face behind a baseball cap. Made in his small bedroom, with a webcam connected to a PC Desktop, and Funtwo used an Alfee Custon SEC-28OTC with gold-colored detailing guitar.

Why did Funtwo’s hide his face behind a baseball cap on his head? If he wants, he would become famous if only he showed his face on the video.

I come up to Virginia Heffernan’s Web Guitar Wizard Revealed at Last via Google. On that article, Heffernan investigated on who the Funtwo actually is. It’s revealed at least; Funtwo is a South Korean guitarist named Jeong-Hyun Lim.
On the motive of hiding up his face on the video, Lim admitted, via e-mail to Hefernan, “Main purpose of my recording is to hear the other’s suggestions about my playing. I think play is more significant than appearance. Therefore, I want the others to focus on my fingering and sound. Furthermore I know I’m not that handsome.”

As millions of people going online to watch and download Funtwo’s video, more and more are coming forwards to do the same videos. They recorded videos on their rooms, some hid their faces and some not. They uploaded their videos on YouTube as well.

It appears that there is a shared interest from Funtwo’s Canon Rock online video; not merely in Canon (Rock’s) arrangement, but also in an understanding that playing is more significant than appearance.

In the other words, becoming popular is nothing if we can’t do something better than the others. The video has inspired a number of people around the globe to share the same interest in harmonious Canon (Rock’s) composition and Funtwo’s video preference.

The two other video below are Canon Rock videos played by some people, from different places. Tens of Canon Rock homemade videos were mixed together in a single frame.

Here are the videos!
This is Funtwo's Canon Rock Video

This Is The Canon Rock Homemade Video Of 39 Guitarists From Around The Globe

This Is The Canon Rock Homemade Video Of Indonesian Guitarists

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  1. Canon Rock is pretty wonderful song...! So much harmonious to hear all the day....!

  2. waaaahhhh.... asik ahhhh!!!
    aku suka nih tipe2 musik yang soundnya jenis gini...
    enakan lagi kalo metal2 gitu, bro... hehehe....

  3. Keren bro. Aku jadi inget dulu di kampus UNS waktu rajin ngeband.
    Inget temenku juga namanya Adi Pamungkas. Main gitarnya kayak gitu tuh. Wah jadi teringat masa lalu saya.
    Tks bro. postingan yang keren. salam.

  4. VEry entertaining song. I wish I could play like that also

  5. Funtwo didnt upload this video. someone stole it.