Me, Bad Religion, Punkers, and Academicians

Most of my friends living around me know that I love Bad Religion very much. Most of them said that I am a “Greg Graffin-wanna-be.” Perhaps, they all are right, but there are several things that I dislike from Bad Religion. And it’s not important for me to mention one by one of those things I dislike.

Whatever it is, I will keep hearing Bad Religion’s songs, learning their vocabularies, scrutinizing the songs’ messages, and following Greg Graffin’s achievement either in music or academic. Yeah, that’s what I love from Bad Religion.

First time hearing Sorrow then made I fell in love to Bad Religion. Then, my friends told me that there are three guitarists on Bad Religion, “how does it sound?” I asked him. “Just listen to their songs dude,” my friend answered.

More I listen to Sorrow, more I love to Bad Religion, and more my friends got bored staying in my room because there was only Sorrow on my playlist. Until someday I know that two of Bad Religion’s members are Ph. D holders, that are Greg Graffin and Greg Hetson. Oh my ghost…How does it feel? Being Punker doesn’t mean of leaving academic, I think.

Then I am impressed with the figure of Greg Graffin. He is my inspiration. I love the ways Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz in creating lyrics. The number of difficult vocabularies I find from their metaphoric and ironic lyrics. Amazing.

In recent months, Greg Graffin was awarded for Lifetime Achievement Award 2008 from Harvard Secular Society and Humanist Chaplain. Amazing again. And from what I’ve read from a commentary on Youtube that Greg Graffin is one of the five best evolutionary experts in the world. Again, amazing! How come such a punker becomes a great lecturer and to much clever?

Since then, I’ve been trying to look for a scholarship in UCLA University, where Greg Graffin teach is. But it’s fully hard to get there. Finally, I can only modify this photograph into as such. Cheers…Piss….

Finally, whatever it is, I will always love Bad Religion. They are my inspiration in music, academic, and English. But on several things, I don’t wanna be like them. The video herein is the interview with Greg Graffin when he was awarded Lifetime Achievement Award 2008. Check it out..!

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