Bad Religion - Sorrow

By Irfan Nugroho

Sorrow played by Bad Religion is my very favourite song. Hearing this song for the first time then made me fall in love to a phenomenal band namely Bad Religion. A very nice song and lyrics combined with the wise voice of my favourite figure Greg Graffin – the lead singer of Bad Religion and a lecturer in UCLA University.

This song was written by Bret Gurewitz – Greg Graffin’s best friend in Bad Religion – by quoting some part lines of Book of Job - is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible. It uses the quotations and the whole meanings of the song to represent any types of human suffering in the world. Let’s check out the first verse:

"Father can you hear me?

How have I let you down?

I curse the day that I was born

And all the sorrow in this world"

When the song is gradually played in faster and louder – full of soft distortions and rhythmic beating of Brooks Weckerman (the drummer), the song begins to ask about the existence of human’s suffering. Check the other verse:

"Will you guide me now, for I can't see

a reason for the suffering and this long misery.

What if every living soul could be upright and strong,

well, then I do imagine there will be

sorrow, no more."

In addition, this song is the sign of Mr. Bret’s back to Bad Religion. During the separation between Greg Griffin and Bret Gurewitz, most of Bad Religion’s past albums were written by Greg Graffin. However, the formation of Bad Religion now is my favourite. Three guitars, one bass guitar, fast and rhythmic beating’s drum, and one wise voice of Greg Graffin has made me fall in love to this old-punk-band, Bad Religion.

Check the video:

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